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A Home Improvement Contractor can help you keep your family safe, raise your property value or even save you needless expenses. But there are also things that you, as a property owner, can do to achieve these goals. Here are some tips to help you in that direction. Call us if you need help.

Outdoor Lighting

Have your yard properly lit where people or pets may roam after dusk. A light that is activated by a motion detector is ideal for limiting power use. It will also make it unnecessary to enter the house before turning on the switch. This will help you find your way or perform a task after dark. The less obvious benefit is that you could lessen the risk of someone, possibly a stranger,  being injured. It will also ward off prowlers or stray animals at night.

Water Features

Outside ponds, fountains and brooks are gaining in popularity.  They look great and add to the value of your property if they are done properly. Things to consider are location, size, evaporation, power source. mosquito control, utility lines, building codes, cost and child safety.   



Heat Conservation

Especially here in the Northeast we need to conserve heat during the frigid winters. Probably  the best way to ensure heat conservation in a home is to make sure your ceilings are properly insulated. Let us analyze your insulation and make a recommendation. 


Seasonal Work

If you have a number of projects you would like to accomplish, consider the time of year. Indoor work can be done year round but outdoor work needs to be done when it is warm enough and dry enough. Plan accordingly. Window replacement , siding and roof repair needs to be done in a warm and dry climate.  Planting or moving shrubs and trees should be done in the fall. If you have a choice, save the indoor work for the colder months.

Safety and Security

The safety and security of your family and belongings is of the utmost importance. In addition to the exterior lighting mentioned above, consider a perimeter fence,  deadbolts, masonry repair, glass repair, and alarms. We are at your service to protect you.


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