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These are some of our most recent projects. The thumbnails below can be enlarged by clicking on them. We pride ourselves on our quality. You will feel comfortable with the pricing.

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The home pictured to the right is a home construction project in Mendon, MA. 

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The detail of this project's 

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 can be seen in the  enlargement 

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On the right is another recent project. 

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This is another of our favorites. 

Unfortunately we have no other images of it. 

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Sometimes good lighting

 makes our work look 

even better.


This home is in Westport, MA.  It was nearly completely rebuilt during the remodeling project.

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As a General Contractor, the ultimate compliment is to be hired by another General Contractor. Your work puts their reputation at stake. That is why we were proud to be selected to work on this condominium in North Kingstown RI

condo2.jpg (159365 bytes)

Below we have some work from some other projects ...

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